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Yes Magnet LLC was established in 2007 to help small to medium size businesses compete in the new economy. Once you realize the difference between “trying to get people to buy something” and “providing people with what they desperatly want to buy“, the whole world changes.

Tony Yost

Tony Yost

President and Founder, Yes Magnet LLC

Tony has over thirty years of experience working with computers of all types, from small hand-held devices to mainframe systems that require their own environmental systems. He still remembers the day he went to the bookstore, and there was finally 1 book on this new thing called “the Internet”. He bought that book and has been developing web applications ever since.

Tony and his teams have been involved with the online presence for several high profile companies including Kitty Hawk Air Cargo, Cisco Systems, JP Morgan Chase, and Affiliated Computer Systems.

What they are saying about Tony:

“Tony Yost is one of the most sincere, conscientious, talented specialists we have ever dealt with on website creation, management and online marketing. He is honest and dependable; his design and message are clear. Tony is innovative and creative. He finds new and better ways to package, present and merchandise products and services. He follows through to achieve results. He is a positive, “can do,” respected professional that we have enjoyed a mutually-favorable working relationship with for more than 25 years.”

Ed Foreman, President
Executive Development Systems, Inc.
Former U. S. Congressman (Texas & New Mexico)

“I participated in his hiring and worked with Tony for years. He was very successful as a software development and maintenance team lead. Tony and his team were responsible for trouble-shooting and problem resolution for an extended enterprise software solution reaching a world-wide audience. Tony had a great attitude coupled with a clear willingness to accept responsibility for resolving both technical and business issues. He was very supportive to his team and consistently participated in his team’s development. In addition to a customer focus and significant problem-solving skills, Tony brought a patient, collaborative style to day-to-day operations.”

David Tritschler
VP R & D, ACS Global Learning

“Tony’s patience with the business teams he worked with was a key driver in the successful operation of an ever-evolving solution. He has the ability to build confidence, listen to specific needs, identify creative solutions, and deliver like crazy when it comes to seeing an idea or problem through to resolution. No matter the time of day or situation, Tony made himself available to lead and/or support difficult conversions with facts and solutions. His broad set of abilities from a both technical and customer support process were critical to our success.”

Tim Carlsson
Sr. Director, Customer Development, ACS Learning Services

“I could never say anything bad about you. You are one of my hero’s.”

M. Tom Christopher
Former CEO, Kitty Hawk Group

“I am 100% happy with You and your work, your style, your sense of humor, the way you bulldog things and make things happen – everything. I like working with you.”

Joe Pelayo, C.P.C.
Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Michaels International

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